About Us

More than ten years in business.

Based in Belgrade, Serbia.
Servicing banks across Central and Eastern Europe, expanding into Middle East and Africa.
Engagements in more than 25 banks, in 12 different countries.
More than 30 large and medium projects
, numerous smaller projects, more than 50 training workshops.


our story

In boating, a trim tab is an adjustable flap (a tiny rudder) which is attached to a larger rudder on an ocean-liner. Trim tab is directly connected to boat’s steering through a set of leavers. When the steering turns so does the trim tab. Its new position cuts the water and pushes it onto the larger rudder which consequently also turns and changes the boat’s direction.
Speed is significant in usage of a trim tab. The faster the boat is moving, the more force is applied to the rudder, allowing the boat to turn in sharper angles.

We view our services as a metaphorical trim tab which enables banks to create disproportionally large impact through deployment of relatively small projects.


TrimTab Consulting

TrimTab provides services that help banks increase profits made from relationships with their clients.

Our services are commonly associated with manipulation of large quantities of data and embedment of analytics into frequently performed decision-making or procedural steps such as: processing of loan applications, deciding on which clients to contact with a new credit card offer or pricing of loans ...

We pride ourselves on always being able to measure the commercial impact that a bank gains from deployment of our services.

Typically such commercial impact is achieved through:

  • Increase of sales revenues by developing predictive models that select likely buyers, structuring appropriate product offers and executing direct cross and up-sell campaigns.
  • Profit retention by developing predictive models that recognise customers which are likely to terminate their relationships, structuring appropriate offers and executing direct communication campaigns.
  • Optimisation of product pricing, conditioning and bundling processes by developing individual customer treatment models and incorporating analytics into bank’s standard operational flow.
  • Minimising costs-of-risk by developing rating models which assign probabilities of loans becoming non-performing and optimising the relation between expected losses and expected returns.
  • Lowering requirements for capital allocation by optimising portfolios and helping banks apply and qualify for advanced risk management processes.

Our activities can be classified in three main categories:

  • Management and business consulting
  • Implementation and implementation consulting
  • Education and training.

TrimTab Solutions

TrimTab Solutions helps enterprises make best use of their data.

We are foremost SQL experts with experience in writing complex stored procedures from commonly found variants such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as other variants such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.

What differentiates TrimTab Solutions is our approach to always understand underlying data before converting any specification into code, thus - producing personalised design and identifying misalignments in definitions and data quality issues early in the project cycle and reducing the risk of delays.

Our single greatest achievement is that all our solutions are in continuous use by our clients.

TrimTab Solutions provides the following services:

  • Data Warehouse Development – We build and maintain Data Warehouses and Data Marts used for reporting and serving as single-sources-of-truth.
  • Business Intelligence – We develop and automate fit-for-purpose reports.
  • Data Migration –ERP / CRM / Underwriting … In-house / Cloud … Industry solution / custom-build ...
  • ETL Development – We are technology agnostic and capable of developing ETL jobs using multiple ETL tools or stored procedures.


Others About Us




CRO, AB Microfinance Bank, Nigeria

As bank’s CRO, I started to cooperate with TrimTab in 2018 on credit-scoring for our Micro and SME clients. Along with bank’s stakeholders, they played an integral part in evolution of our risk practice which ultimately resulted in Best Chief Risk Officer in Nigeria award that I received in 2021.


Bruno BIUK

CRO, OTP banka, Croatia

We have cooperated with TrimTab on wide variety of topics from modelling and stress-testing of risk parameters to portfolio standardisation during integration of Splitska Banka from Societe Generale into OTP Group. We continue to find them a capable and reliable partner.

Emanuele BUTTA

CCO / co-founder AideXa Banca, Italy
former ExCo - Retail, UniCredit Bank, Russia; ExCo – Retail, UniCredit Bank, Romania

Marko Tutunovic supported me in going beyond standard understanding of CRM. Together we have been exploring a unique approach to dealing with each new challenge, using Marko’s experiences only as a starting point and developing CRM strategy in accordance with bank’s and market’s specifics.



ExCo - Retail, Raiffeisen Bank, Serbia

TrimTab has provided invaluable help and expertise in supporting our bank to modernise the measurement of CRM contribution and to refine the processes behind the setting of commercial expectations from its activities.

In addition, TrimTab has also designed an actionable guideline which incorporates additions and adjustment to our CRM process that will help our team to focus their activities on the overall commercial impact.



CIO, Erste Bank, Croatia
former Head of Orga, Zagrebacka banka, Croatia

I was working with Marko Tutunović for couple of years on a change management required for the implementation of the true client-centric approach within the bank. It was very inspiring and fruitful co-operation, and Marko was focused on the ultimate project goals and the quality of the deliverables all the time, but in the same time never forgetting the right dose of human touch for the team.

Marko is unselfish in sharing the knowledge with the teammates I personally have learned a lot in the last couple of years – I can only hope that this process has been bidirectional.


CEO, Belgrade Stock Exchange

Tanja played an instrumental role in design, business process definition, development and implementation of our flagship trading system. Her, and TrimTab team's, ability to understand business requirements and apply them technically continues to provide invaluable support to the Belgrade Stock Exchange.



former Head of Retail Banking, Central and Eastern Europe, UniCredit Group

We enjoyed the experience of working together with Marko Tutunovic and the TrimTab team in developing our CRM project across some of CEE banks. In fact, from a simple provider-buyer approach we have developed a real long-term partnership that helped us to better understand how CRM could improve our banks’ ability to understand costumer needs and their relationship (current and prospective) with the bank.

I can say that, at least from our side, the project improved our vision and what we are implementing will change the day-by-day activities of our branches and other channels in embedding the customer-centric philosophy. Not only the know-how and the experiences and competences but the overall mind-set and cooperation approach and style of the whole team made us reach unexpected results in all the banks where we implemented the CRM project.


CEO, AB Microfinance Bank, Rwanda
former CEO AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria; CRO Prominvest Bank Ukraine, CRO and CFO Volksbank Serbia; CEO Procredit Bank Georgia and Serbia

Since entering consulting scene in 2012 as an independent entity, TrimTab displayed the unique combination of professionalism and agility in addressing Credit Risk challenges - be it in Credit Scoring or Portfolio Management.



former CEO, Telenor Bank, Serbia

As a bank which continually seeks to be innovative and improve traditional paradigms of banking, when working with TrimTab Consulting we rely on their pragmatic approach to meet our appetite for rapid go-to-market, whilst also accommodating our longer term road-map and our overall strategies.

Working with TrimTab consultants is like dealing with fellow bankers who are also able to design and develop systems.



CEO, NLB banka, North Macedonia;
former CEO NLB banka, Serbia

The one rare feature about TrimTab that should be highlighted is the team’s understanding of economics of banking when driving a specific task they have been engaged to tackle.

With TrimTab it is about risk management rather than risk minimization and about consideration of impact on both cash-flows and portfolio P&L. In addition, I appreciated the team’s focusing on profitability of the overall client-bank relationship rather than simply on profitability of a particular product.



ExCo - Retail, Banca Intesa Beograd, Serbia

Working on Value based Pricing model I got convinced that TrimTab is more than just a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals with deep understanding of banking. They are a partner in solutioning and bring real added value.

What needs to be highlighted is their approach to producing deliverables which is very appreciated and distinguished from traditional/conventional consulting approach. They consider the project and the Bank as a contributing partner and always give an extra mile and values in the solutioning process as well as in final deliverables.

Deployment of very structured, but also agile approach, with active engagement of bank teams including senior and top management during weekly sessions - is what made a difference. Moreover, their determination to find best solutions for the topic was demonstrated though application of new concept in addressing traditional topics.


former CMO, Mobi Bank, Serbia

I have cooperated with all TrimTab Team members for a large part of both mine and their careers. They always approached new challenges with passion and were happy to share the knowledge and look outside the prescribed scope of activities and most importantly kept their focus on the actual project business objective. Since starting the independent consultancy, I can only say that these virtues have increased.


CEO, Banca Intesa Beograd, Serbia

Having achieved continual high productivity, we recognised an opportunity to further boost our results through focus on increasing of effectiveness in our business processes. This endeavour heavily relied on recognition of future-client-value and TrimTab proved to be an excellent partner to help us reach this milestone.

TrimTab consultants’ approach showed an optimal balance between analytical, technological and business consulting and thus assured that the result truly met our purpose. I have personally taken active part in this project and was especially impressed with TrimTab team’s determination to completely understand our business necessities before prescribing the appropriate technological solution, and look forward to continuing our cooperation along the same principles.

Lyubomir PUNCHEV

former ExCo - Retail, UniCredit Bank, Ukraine; Head of Sales Retail Banking, Central and Eastern Europe, UniCredit Group

A modern and professional partner, easy to work and cooperate with clear solution oriented mindset and value creating attitude. TrimTab incorporates in its practice worldwide recognized practices, redefined through the local necessities, professionally identified and solved.



former COO, Zagrebacka banka, Croatia

Marko demonstrated the ability to understand executive direction and bank’s strategy, and how to interpret it in design of the new system.                                                     



former ExCo – Retail, Komercijalna banka Serbia, ExCo – Retail, Piraeus Bank Serbia, ExCo – Retail, Banca Intesa Beograd, Serbia; ExCo – Retail, AIK Banka, Serbia

Over the course of my career as a Retail Banking Executive, I have cooperated with Marko Tutunovic both on large analytical CRM implementations and on deployment of very specific commercial campaigns. In each instance Marko and the TrimTab Team managed to appropriately scale the level and the extent of required services and provide the optimal solution.



CEO, UniCredit Bank, Serbia

Having set a specific objective in acquisition of SME clients, we relied on the TrimTab Team in a crucial role of profiling potential clients and recognising their respective affinities for our offerings. Our new acquisition strategy is now tightly interlinked with these profiles.

Peer Professional



Head of Digital Banking and Product, Raiffeisen Bank, Serbia

With ever-growing saturation with commercial ads, TrimTab provided our CRM team with a more sophisticated approach to developing predictive models and target customer selection. Whilst this helps us attain additional lift in conversion rates we expect greater impact on income side too, a variable that is now directly incorporated into definition of target-events.

The resulting change in our approach to modelling and definition of campaign selection criteria is the foundation for reaching the next evolution stage in our overall CRM process.



Head of CEE Retail Business Development, Advanced CRM & Big Data, UniCredit Group, Central and Eastern Europe

Marko represents a “Key figure” in our CRM group program initiative. Thanks to his flexibility and business’ sensitivity we were able, together, to implement our program in parallel in 7 countries conjugating local specifics with group guidelines and supporting local business in change of mind-set to analytically driven sales process.


Syed-Mohammed NAQVI

Head of Enterprise Information Center of Excellence & MIS, Al Hilal Bank, U.A.E.

We have collaborated with TrimTab consultants on IFRS 9 project, which was the key initiative for Al Hilal Bank in 2017. We commend Dusan, Jelena and Milos for displaying knowledge, professionalism and dedication in helping us achieve short deadlines on this important project.


Markus SPAHN

former Head of CRM, UniCredit Group, Central and Eastern Europe

Besides the deep knowledge and experience that Marko Tutunovic and TrimTab Team provided in support of our efforts, they also brought an open and personal way of cooperation which led to the great results that we achieved together. Working as partners reaching for the same goal was from my point of view the key success factor.

Even in difficult situations, I always knew that I can rely on their word and trust in their maximum support.


Credit Risk Modelling Team

Komercijalna banka Serbia

Marko Tutunovic and TrimTab team evinced high professionalism, dedication and support during our cooperation in development and implementation of credit scoring models. Their well prepared and organized approach, supported with extensive experience, accompanied with TrimTab’s willingness to transfer the knowledge and work-oriented attitude, contributed heavily to the success of the initiated project.

We enjoyed in fluent and clear communication, especially with Marko, who provides the partner with all the necessary information and relevant facts in a very simple, but knowledgeable manner. His high creativity, flexibility and adaptability to the partner’s needs generated the pleasant cooperative atmosphere which led to the successful finalization of the projected activities.

Considering the aforementioned, we would be very pleased to engage in some further business arrangements with TrimTab Consulting and we would highly recommend Marko Tutunovic and his dedicated team to everyone.

CRM Team

UniCredit Bank, Ukraine

TrimTab consultants delivered one of the most complex and largest implementations in bank’s history in record time and within the planned budget. They helped us change the way that we view and utilise our data and kept the focus on business impact that will be generated as a result of the implementation.

I am pleased to say that over the course of the project our teams become as one and that we become true partners. TrimTab team was always open and ready to share knowledge and experiences and have also continued to provide support to our bank even after the project was completed.




co-founder, Finspot, Serbia

Our goal was to create a comprehensive risk model, tailored specifically to factoring transactions of the SMEs which is Finspot’s core business. As this is typically not a common type of request, the TrimTab team had a challenging task.
When you add the fact that you need to create a market model in combination with a model based on internal, low-sample data, where the default rate is low, the task gets even more difficult.

TrimTab team has successfully created a robust risk model, customized for factoring transactions between SMEs and made it easy to implement into our onboarding and approval process that needed to remain super quick for the end-user. The model applies risk management best practices in very specific exposure definitions.

Jelena, Tanja, Marko, and Dusan make a team you truly want to work with - nothing is overlooked, they pay extreme attention to detail, and working together never gets boring.



CEO & co-founder, Leanpay, CEE

TrimTab helped crystalise our innovative ideas into operative and actionable business processes through incorporating banking best-practices into real-world FinTech challenges via projecting our Expected Losses and monitoring performances of our brand new portfolios. Though we are not a large corporate which is usually serviced by TrimTab Consultants, we were pleased with the level of personal attention that we received from both Tanja and Marko during development of our systems.





Karla Soprona 2a

Zemun, Serbia