The Grouping tab is one of the most powerful features of CreditScoring by TrimTab. Its interactive interface enables the user to quickly and in real-time assign attributes to different created groups.

Measures to describe the predictive power of a specific attribute of an input variable are calculated automatically, while graphs enable us to instantly glimpse all the changes we have made in grouping using the drag-and-drop interface.

This refers not only to grouping of different attributes of Categorical variables, but to creation of groups of attributes (scopes of attributes to be precise) for Real numbers.

CreditScoring will apply advanced statistical tools to the data to efficiently determine the most representative data groups within the data sample. The interface itself is deceptively simple, hiding a complex set of calculations behind an easy-to-use panel which allows the user to further tweak the suggested groups.

Once the software creates the groups, the user can further refine the results. The tools to do so are some of the most advanced in the market.

For example: an easy and fast “split” of groups or drag-and-drop which will quickly reorganise and recalculate results.