TrimTab scorecards have been extensively used in some of the largest CEE banks over a period of years. The accuracy of the scores assigned has impacted the balance sheets in a very positive and quantifiable manner and has reduced the impact of the ongoing recession to a great extent.

The scorecards are easy to implement in a production environment, reducing the complex set of statistical methods to an easy-to-read set of instructions.

CreditScoring by TrimTab offers a proprietary feature - Intelligent Scoring. This feature finds the best model by applying several different computational approaches and embedded practical experience to select scorecard variables from the input variables in the modelling data set.

This scorecard format enables quick and easy-to-understand overview of scorecard variables and their attributes and how they contribute to the final score, enabling business users even to calculate manually scores for specific clients if their variable attributes are known.

For a detailed explanation of the scientific principles applied in our grouping algorithms, please refer to “A step-by-step guide to building application scorecards”.