What is SELLEA?

SELLEA is an expert system which delivers target lists for campaigns that sell retail banking products.
It is based on knowledge gained from hundreds of actual campaigns across the CEE region.
SELLEA is quick to implement, requires minimal effort and is simple to use!

Having understood that the root of these new challenges pertains to efforts put into sourcing of data and arriving to reliable selections of campaign leads, TrimTab consulting team pooled their expertise which was gained through many such projects in CEE banks and distilled the most successful campaign target building processes.

This knowledge has been transferred into SELLEA, an Expert System which immediately selects most likely buyers among bank’s clients, whilst utilising minimal IT engagement and without demanding any analytical capabilities from the bank - hence delivering a sales tool that provides these quick returns from controlled and affordable investments.

SELLEA also represents a simpler and faster outcome of an Analytical CRM implementation - as it provides continuity in delivering quality target lists and allows room for constant improvement.